5 Good Ideas For Outdoor Bar Furniture

Outdoor Bar Furniture Nz

Outdoor bar furniture – An outdoor bar is a great place to gather friends and family for celebration. A patio, a balcony or home help are ideal for this type of bar. Make one yourself, hire a professional or buy a prefabricated bar with stools along. Running water and a sink are good options, but they are absolutely necessary.

  1. Bar target

Make an outdoor bar in a location outside of your home. An old shed can be renovated to house a bar, removing the front wall. Leave a generous protection to shelter guests from the sun or rain. Leave the open side of the bar to secure access. Or, to make an English-style bar, leave the structure intact and build a front extension to the ceiling, enough to outdoor bar furniture, leaving space behind to serve the guests.

  1. Pool bar

Just as the great Caribbean hotels, an air of pool is a refreshing option for your yard. Choose an area of your pool where the depth is approximately 75 cm. The stools should be installed when the pool is empty. Many outdoor bar furniture are made ​​with seats on top of concrete pillars. Add a shelf above the side of the pool, doing a cover that matches the decor of your bar. A small awning or canvas can ensure shade for guests.

  1. Asian Pavilion
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Just like the tiki bar, an Asian pavilion can be done with bamboo. Another popular material for building this style of bar and teak. A torii – Japanese portal – usually painted red, ensuring an appropriate entry for your Asian Pavilion.

  1. Corner pair wine tasting

Build a wooden bar underneath a pergola covered with grape vines, ensuring a cozy look for wine tasting. Use a vineyard ensuring a contrast of color during summer and autumn, producing large bunches of dark grapes. If you have enough space, add a small area with iron benches for your guests sit. Banks in the side of the pergola are also inviting for people to stay and taste the wines.

5. Tiki Hut

Add a cover in the style tiki to your balcony or patio, to ensure a tropical look. Pendant luminaries with tiki mask format, straw stools a fan of wicker ceiling, colorful outdoor bar furniture and some palm trees and hibiscus bushes will ensure a perfect setting to enjoy a may tai or pine colada.

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