A Good Idea For Storage Space Under The Stairs

Under Stair Storage Kits

Under stair storage – We talked on more than one occasion Decoesfera on the infinity of possible ways that exist to leverage the stairwell, but we always end up discovering new and interesting ideas such as, in this case, the space for under stair storage.

This is an idea as simple, since all the remaining space on the landing that is created at the turn of the stairs, so that we find bunker dimensions of the most generous, perfect is used to store any type of items, such as bedding season, children’s toys, etc.

Besides getting a storage space under the stairs large, we’ve loved the system chosen for its opening. To open just have to raise the floor if and sounds – because it serves as cover bunker.

The only complaint one can find this resource is that it is something to consider before installing the stairs, during construction, and also the result depend on the structure that will have. Yet we seem to have an idea in mind for possible future projects, do not you think of under stair storage?

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