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Small Walk In Closet Layout Ideas

Closet layout ideas – Adding more function and style to your wardrobe is a “must do” for organized homes today. There are lots of options and lots to think about designing a closet. Storage solutions that creatively space where once thought that it was not, and some tips will design your closet layout ideas closet experience to maximize space.


Add drawers are a change from the typical is comfortable 5 – or 6 -drawer. In fact, having hidden in the drawer cabinet may seem strange, but it is a clean and efficient cabinet solution. Maybe there will be room for a chair and a reading lamp instead of the dresser. Drawers work well to contain and manage smaller clothing items and wardrobe are a neat design solution.

Additional shelf is the way to go to add more storage space to the walls of closets. Nothing can be stored away on a shelf, clothes, bags, shoes, blankets and even bed linen. Add shelving to your closet for more storage efficiency. Also, make use of your extra space for wall or door belt and grappling hooks. Some units have built-in cabinets that slide in and out tie and belt racks.

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Keep your shopping in your closet if space permits. Of course, do not leave dirty clothes in your closet for a long time, but I have it there is very convenient to change clothes. Some solutions have built-in storage cupboard laundry baskets or baskets that pull out for easy use. Your basket could even be a store bought stand-alone unit or a custom built cart on wheels.

Add light to your wardrobe

A feature often overlooked when a closet is your lighting, especially if it is a small cabinet is designed. Add a light fixture for even the smallest of cabinets makes it much easier to see the contents and condition. This will also update the feel of your wardrobe, adding a much needed feature that will help keep your space organized closet layout ideas.