Alternative To Organize A Studio Apartment

Studio Apartment Furniture

You have to be organized and make good use of space to live comfortably in a studio apartment design made ​​study. An efficient organization of your stuff and some decorative touches can give your small space a feeling of spaciousness and comfort. Whenever possible, choose furniture purpose to fulfil their function and at the same time serve to store.

Provision of furniture

A sofa bed is very practical for a study with him have a place to sleep and sit. You have an option with a good mattress for a good night’s sleep. A flat trunk lid can serve as a coffee table where you can store books and other objects. The pillows on the floor serve as additional seating that you can move easily when you need more space. Select a flat screen television that can be placed on the wall. Tray tables are functional and take up little space of your studio apartment design. If space allows, place a small table with two chairs in a corner to eat.

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Used to store extra things fabric covered boxes, they are beautiful as well as being very practical for storing clothes, sports memorabilia and other items you do not use daily. Save the books and photographs under the couch. Shoe boxes to keep them clean and can be stacked to save space. If you have a small closet, use the organizers and hangers to store various items. Keep the things you use some and put them in a warehouse or garage of any member of your family. If you have a place to store bikes, put it on the wall with a bracket.

Walls and ceilings

To maintain order, install shelves that are subject to walls and ceiling for storing books, CDs and other special treasures. Also, you can attach to the wall lamps, additional free space left on the surface of the floor for other things. Hanging plants decorate and preserve valuable space. If possible, build your own shelves from floor to ceiling for additional storage for your studio apartment design.

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