Installing Aluminum Pergola Attached To House

Black Aluminum Pergola

You will have aesthetic look with installing aluminum pergola attached to your house, it can be a place for you to gather with your family members. You also can add some furniture there like a bench as well as you can enjoy your free time there and plant climbing plants as well. With attaching aluminum Pergola, you will get a advantage such as, it will be struggle for a long time because it is a strong stuff as well. You just have to keep maintenance it periodically.

Now let’s begin and follow some ways to install aluminum pergola attached to your house. First, use a angle grinder to cut the square aluminum. Four aluminum 10 feet long , two aluminum 8 feet long, and four aluminum 6 feet long. Second, now combine two of 10 feet aluminum with one 8 feet aluminum by welding them then make two C shape use 10 feet aluminum. Third, now dig four holes as a foundation place for the four legs of the pergola.

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Fourth, mix cement with water then pouring it to the holes now insert the two C shape inside the holes and they are should be in same level to get perfect horizontal and vertical level. Fifth, use ladder to climb to the top and put the 6 feet long and give 2 feet each other side when they put on the top and about 1 feet hang over of the C frame, to finish weld them to be solid. Sixth, stain the aluminum pergola with special paint for metal to get colorful pergola.
It is very easy to be applied this ways to build aluminum pergola attached to your house. Just gently and do it carefully when you do it. If you like this post, you can share it with your friends.