Awesome Outdoor Globe Lights

Outdoor Globe Lights Ideas

Outdoor globe lights – Throughout the year we celebrate hundreds of events: birthdays, family reunions, weddings etc. Whether for a change or leave our guests with mouth open, look what decorating introduce at the next party we have not used in the previous. Well look no further, the LED globe lights are fashionable and have come to create the best environments.

The outdoor globe lights carry a LED light can be white or color the globe, depending on the model, and which is fixed on the opposite side of the nozzle where it is inflated inside. The light is activated before inflation either by removing the tab cardboard carrying or pushing a little button, according to the balloon, and, once ignited, can not turn off. It can last lit several days, but its greatest intensity occurs during the 2 -3 early hours, deteriorate gradually since activation. For this reason, we recommend that the balloons are inflated with no more than 1-2 hours before the event or celebration, as if inflated before they have lost some of the intensity.

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In any case, we must take into account the effect of the balloons with LED will be more beautiful and intense while darker the space where they are placed, as they have a strong light. In places with some input light can be lost quite its effect. You can also use any outdoor globe lights  you like, such as balloons heart shaped , and throw them into our balls led to light up like the round with built-in LED. We also have pills led to light globes 90cm, carry knob to change the color.