Beautiful IKEA Floor Lamp With Good Material In Stylish Design

Ikea Floor Lamp Bulb Size With Ikea Floor Lamp Barometer

Design of the IKEA floor lamp is usually designed in lavish and attractive designs. The floor lamp of IKEA is usually made of good quality and good technique. So, the product of IKEA especially floor lamp is strong and durable. It makes the floor lamp of IKEA quite expensive. The design of the floor lamp is available in various models. It is available in simple, minimalist, modern and contemporary design. Decorating the house with this floor lamp makes the house fantastic. The stylish floor lamp of IKEA can be used to decorate many rooms.

One of the chic IKEA floor lamp is Armagnac. This floor lamp is designed with natural IKEA lamp shade. The use of this floor lamp creates a soft glowing light. It is able to give warm atmosphere to your dwelling. This floor lamp is designed with a straight tube made of steel and nickel plated. The weight of this floor lamp is made from polyethylene and concrete. The use of rice paper as the lampshade makes this floor lamp simple but elegant. You can get this floor lamp with $24.99.

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The other lavish IKEA floor lamp is Regolit. The price of this floor lamp is $49.99. The design of this floor lamp is arc design with curve tube design made of steel. This floor lamp is lavish with black tube and white lampshade. The lampshade is made of rice paper. This floor lamp has 70 cm width, 7 cm height, 76 cm length, and 12.60 kg of weight. An opal light bulb install on this IKEA lighting makes the room bright.

Decorating the room with floor lamp of IKEA is good choice because the design of the floor lamp is attractive and lavish. Elegant touch is definitely visible from those floor lamp choices. So, do not hesitate choose IKEA floor lamp because you certainly will not be disappointed with the design and a good quality of this Swedish product.