Build An Awesome Pergola Design Attached To House

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There are some information for you about how to build a pergola design attached to house, you can build a pergola onto the backyard of your home. It will make your home more look attractive. You can follow some steps build a pergola.

Here the stpes to build a  pergola design attached to house. The first, before you attach the pergola to your home, you have to drive two stakes into the ground of your building house. Stake and place an L square on the ground by tied as mason’s line. Tie mason line to a hurdle then place it to the mason’s line align with the L square to the all side of the pergola. Then place them 20 foot point at the end of the pergola.

Make sure the corners are in 90 degrees angles and the every mason line intersect is the place that you will attach the pergola. Second, dig holes with measuring your 4×4 posts then add 2 inches onto the gravel to the post holes. Make the post to upright with 2×4-inches boards. Third, Pour the cement and mix them with water in a wheelbarrow until it is like a mud pie. Transfer them to the hole by using a trowel then allow them to dry then remove 2×4 inches braces. The last step, measure about 16 inches by cutting the cedar boards then use hammer and nails to attach the boards to be an anchor and ensure the boards level with the top of the pergola post.

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Those are some steps to build a pergola Design attached to house to build onto your back yard. If you like this post you can share it with your friends as well.