Build Bamboo Pergola Design For Decks

How To Build Pergola Deck

You can make artistic your deck by using bamboo pergola design for decks, besides it will make your deck looks nature properly. There are some ways to attach the bamboo pergola design onto your deck and it is need a patient when you want to attach it.

Let’s begin to attach the bamboo pergola design for decks with laying some bamboos the size is depending with the size of your deck in square then nailing them to cling properly . Make holes on each side of the lay bamboos then insert the bamboos in vertical ways to be legs of the pergola or just stand the legs on the ground of the deck.

Make hole on the top of the four legs bamboos pergola then insert bamboos to the hole on it to be a frame roof. For the artistic bamboo roof pergola you can make plaits with the bamboos, cut the bamboos into small pieces. For standard plaits just make it in x frame about 9 inches wide or you can search in internet another artistic plaits bamboo to be attached on the roof of pergola. You also can paint it with colorful paint to look more attractive.

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Those are some ways for you to attach bamboo pergola design for decks to be attached at your deck. If you like this post you can share it with your friends.