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It is very interesting to share about you about how to build a pea gravel patio, it is important for your entertaining moments with your family such as for barbecues or another moments. With setting a pea gravel patio you will get new look in your outdoor. There are some instruction that can be followed how to make a pea gravel patio.

Before you make your pea gravel patio, you have to prepare some tools such as stakes, twine, spray paint, garden hose, spade, sod cutter, tamping tool, landscape fiber, sand, paver and the last a gravel. Now jut following the instructions.

  1. Before you build your patio you have to measure and mark off the area that the patio will be set, and use garden hose to make a shape and use spray paint to mark the patio area.
  2. In your area make a dig about 4 inches. Use hand tamper to tamp the soil.
  3. Place the landscaping fiber  over the soil and use 6 till 12 inches to overlap then pour the sand about 2 inches.
  4. Now make the sand rake to smooth across the patio plot, use tamping tool to tamp it down. It will be better for you to set brick paver around perimeter of the hole.
  5. The last step is fill the gravel to the hole then packing the gravel uses tamping tool.
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Those are the instruction to make a pea gravel patio, If you like this post you can share it with your friends.