Burgundy Curtains By Regal Home Collections

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If we are talking about burgundy curtains, then we must know what burgundy is. Literally, burgundy is a deep red color, the color that is even deeper than a rose. As you already know, red is perfect to make rich and elegant atmosphere in a room. However, what can we do to gain such thing if we cannot bear the deep red color on the curtain? Let’s see below.

Burgundy Sheer Curtain Scarf

Regal Home collections have made one kind of burgundy curtains that is still red but is bearable for you. The product goes with the name Burgundy Sheer Curtain Scarf. Based on how it is named, this red curtain uses sheer material to reduce the depth of the red like in common burgundy colored curtains. As you might have guessed, this one is lightweight.

In short, this burgundy labeled curtain has slight deep red color, transparent, and light. However, even if it is like that, it still can give elegant atmosphere to a room although it might not be as rich as the one without sheer material. Furthermore, the way of how it is designed on the rod or bracket above the window with scarf style, looks beautiful and very decorative. Burgundy curtains sure are elegant in many ways.

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