Can I Use Spray On Wicker Bedroom Furniture?

Wicker Bedroom Furniture Sarasota Florida

Use a spray paint is that the only and efficient method to paint wicker bedroom furniture. With it you can change the look of a room, patio or porch instantly. Go beyond and make or buy for upholstered furniture, in order to match your new coat of paint. If you are determined to make a beautiful look to your wicker bedroom furniture. Use your own personal creativity and implement your own personal painting wicker bedroom furniture ideas by combining different ideas in today’s post. Read more…

  1. Significance

The painting wicker bedroom furniture is an easy way to update or change the appearance of a room, besides being much cheaper.

  1. Benefits

Paint a single nightstand or wicker ottoman with a contrasting (or complementary) color can visually highlight a room. This touch is an easy way to show your creativity in decorating. We invite you to look at our 10 wicker bedroom furniture in the photo gallery as tips for your ideas.

  1. Acquisition
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If you do not have mobile to paint wicker, visit your local camera store or a thrift store to find cheap products – and then paint it to match your home, patio or garden as soon as you get home.

  1. Care

The painting wicker bedroom furniture with spray is a complicated project. If possible, do it outdoors when the temperature is pleasant, with a light wind. Furthermore, if the furniture has already been painted, remove the old paint with a wire brush before painting them with a new color; otherwise the new paint will peel off with the old.

  1. Considerations

The only decision you have to do before you start is to define the color – you want to match or complement the other colors in the space of wicker bedroom furniture? Perhaps the mobile has been painted in the past and you want to combine the old paint. You may want to paint the furniture to match a set of pads. Whatever color you decide to use, buy spray oil based.

  1. Process
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Wash the furniture with a sponge, soap and a garden hose. When they are dry, place a cloth over the furniture before you sand them or use a gloss remover to prepare the surface. Spray paint with movements in a variety of angles – the wicker bedroom furniture have many corners to fill with ink. Let the first layer of paint to dry for at least an hour and then another layer, if necessary, apply.