Choosing Between Flush And Semi Flush Ceiling Light

How To Fit A Semi Flush Ceiling Light And Semi Flush Mount Light For Angled Ceiling

The semi flush ceiling light, when installed, leaves a small gap between your ceiling and the semi flush ceiling light fixtures, thus creating the suspended look. When you are on the market for ceiling light fixtures, the chance is you will need to choose between semi flush and flush mount options. Generally speaking, the decisions depend on your personal taste. However, there are few rules apply. Here they are.

Start with the style when choosing semi flush ceiling light. Luckily, there are wide options the markets provide, starting from traditional to retro, transitional to modern styles. You can also decide between semi flush ceiling light drum shade and ones without shade. Just be sure the light fixture style keeps up with the decoration of your home, including the choices of finishes. The next important things to note is choosing the right ceiling light size. It will highly relate to the size of your room too.

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Size of the room aside, the height of the room is also a critical consideration when choosing semi flush ceiling light. Generally, semi-flush lighting fixtures hang between 4 and 8 inches from the ceiling. If the space only has 7-foot ceilings, for example, the flush mount ceiling light fixtures will be the better option. And if you have cathedral ceiling, don’t install semi flush or flush mount light fixtures as the ceiling is too high so the fixtures will not be able to work properly.

Generally speaking, semi flush ceiling light sits between the standard ceiling fixture and chandelier. It has distinctive look to improve the room. The design has its own benefit too. The small gap between the light fixture and ceiling can double the illumination due to the indirect up light that rebounds off the ceiling. Therefore, the downlight is emitted directly from the light fixture.