Christmas Outdoor Laser Lights

Christmas Outdoor Projector Lights Simple Outdoor

Christmas outdoor laser lights – Light N Shine investigation to identify the latest Christmas decorating trends. The research identified a number of key points, including new benchmarks showing more than half of Christmas consumers (57%) now prefer Christmas laser lights. “Because Christmas laser lighting is the newer alternative to traditional incandescent, adoption rather been relatively measured, especially in areas such as specialized holiday lighting,” says Jack Adam, director of marketing at Light N Shine.

Companies The “Consumer Views of Christmas Lights, trees and decorate Report” also identified that women and men have more different preferences when it comes to Christmas outdoor laser lights or indoor  Christmas laser lights & nabs; strip lights. 66% of men actually prefer Christmas laser lights – an overwhelming majority, from on these new findings. The thirty one presentment of women say they actually have no preference while twenty three percent prefer the traditional incandescent Christmas light.

This illustrates that LED vs. incandescent debate is more gender-specific than once realized. It may be natural illumination preferences between men and women, depending on how the Christmas outdoor laser lights will be used and who does the decorating. A major transition in decorative holiday lighting has been taking place over the past decade, and it is remarkable that there has not been more equally embraced of both men and women.

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