Connect An Electric Outdoor Light Sensor

Outdoor Light Sensor Pictures

Outdoor light sensor – The electrical sensors are designed to turn the lights on when the ambient light is dark and off when there are again light. Often they used to turn on lights during dusk and turn off at dawn. Lights cycles sometimes utliizan to improve vision and to improve safety at night.

Turn off the power circuit with which you’re working from the main circuit breaker. Place the outdoor light sensor by screwing on a mounting plate. The mounting plates can be achieved in hardware stores in the neighborhood. They are prepared for mounting of one to three devices at a time. Une lamp or accessories on the mounting plate. Now you can complete the light unit mounted. Connect the lamp wires in the main circuit breaker. Start with the greens. A green wire connects with a green screw or a green switch cable using a connector. This is an essential safety step for grounding.

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Connect all white wires together and secure them with a nut. These are the “common” or neutral cables. Connect one of the colored wires from the light sensor to the color of light or group of lights. This will give you energy from the outdoor light sensor to the reflectors to the time the sensor is activated. Connect the cables remaining colors of the light sensor to the colored wires breaker. This will provide power to the light sensor. Deputy lighting unit made the circuit breaker using the equipment provided by the mounting plate.