Connecting An Outdoor Light Projector

Outdoor Light Projector Image

Outdoor light projector – The projectors typically refer to external lights are used to illuminate a wide area, such as stadiums and parking spaces. These are also used in homes and buildings for the purposes of safety and aesthetic. Wiring a reflector outside a switch inside involves mounting the projector outdoor, riding inside switch and cabling from the power supply to the switch and light.

Locate the spot on the wall where you want to place the switch. Detects the location of the beams behind the wall with a metal detector and mark studs with a pencil. Keep a box output switch mounted on the surface against a pole similar to that of the other switches in your house height. Aligns the vertical box and horizontally level with a tool box and screw on the pole. Locate a point on the outer wall where you want to mount the outdoor light projector. Hold the outlet box against the ground and draw the outline with a pencil box. Cut the box outline with a jig saw and screw the outlet box in the opening. Open the current panel and turn off the main switch. Turn on the lights and appliances in your home to verify that no more energy coming from the panel.

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Unscrew the panel cover and connect a circuit breaker 110 volts in an empty slot panel board. Rises to the crawl space above the ceiling and locates a pipe or conduit opening directly on the electrical panel of outdoor light projector. Drop an electric cable on top of the electrical panel and slide. Pulling the cord from inside the panel about 2 feet (60.96 cm) and then remove the cable jacket to expose the internal wires.