Contemporary Outdoor Lighting Design

Awesome Contemporary Outdoor Lighting

Contemporary outdoor lighting – Outdoor lighting need not be limited to a pair of motion-sensitive flood lights on the garage or rows of low voltage lighting in flowerbeds. There are many creative and festive outdoor lighting ideas that can be combined with your overall landscaping theme. Festive contemporary outdoor lighting Ideas, If your garden theme is tropical, with plenty of palms, ferns, fuchsias and maybe even a kite or two, skip the electric lighting altogether and consider putting up bamboo torches. Or you can splurge a little more and buy torches made of metal – copper, aluminum or stainless steel. Several online retailers have large selections – see resources below. In either case, they are easy to maintain and can last up to three or four seasons. Just make sure there are no low-hanging palm leaves or branches near the flames.

Christmas is when a good number of homeowners string colorful lights along their roof lines and frames. But do not limit this festive look for the holidays. Strategically placed lights can be creative a festive outdoor living space on hot summer nights. Has a picket fence, gazebo or patio? String a string or two of rope contemporary outdoor lighting. The same applies to trees – wrap some mini lights around the boot and perhaps the lowest rang of branches to create a virtual canopy of light.

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If you want to catch the hotel’s garden looks, installing some spotlights contemporary outdoor lighting with colored lenses in strategic spots around your garden. Get them shine upward to illuminate your yard signature trees. And if you have a fountain or waterfall, consider that both in the spotlight.