Create Your Own Lantern TetraPack

Create Your Own Lantern Ring

Create your own lantern – A good way to use materials that have long periods of degradation, is used to create works of art or objects that might be useful again. Many initiatives have addressed this idea and have turned into great innovators and creative artists with a tremendous social conscience. The production designer Ed Chaw cardboard used is obsolete, especially that of tetrapacks containing a metallic color inside, to give rise to stunning lamps pointing to a unique and very striking.

It’s a long and hard work to create your own lantern, which requires patience and dedication, but it is simple to do. But now we will show you the steps to create a lamp similar to those of this designer and copy this initiative to continue making art with waste items.

First , you must open the boxes of milk or juice.

Second , cut into long strips and fold them so that you can get these triangles.}

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Third , after having many, really many triangles ready. Put them together in such a way to form a hexagon or a pentagon. Paste your sides with each other to secure attachment.

Fourth , begin to glue them together and many pentagons or hexagons. Here you use your creativity to create new lighting designs to your liking. And bellow the lantern shown after you finish to create your own lantern.