Decorative Touches To Get Cozy Living Room

Warm And Cozy Living Room Decor

Cozy living room – With the arrival of cold and rainy autumn, one always want to spend the evening in a room where you feel collected, and warm. To help you make that familiar and welcoming to living touch, I’ve been looking at magazines and blogs decorating some ideas to change the style of our living room and give it a more intimate and cozy living room feel that allows us to enjoy the fall and winter in our home.

To get this feeling, no need to change the furniture in the living room, just go for some of these fifteen decorative touches that I propose below.

  1. Use fabrics with prints

One technique that I would suggest is to cover sofas, armchairs and furniture with fabric or colorful covers to add a touch of cheer to the room. It is a simple way to change the tone of living to our liking without renewing upholstery, or some furniture that we do not just like. To give an autumnal air, it is best to go for some elegant color that harmonizes with the rest of the room, as we proposed in Sofa Covers blog.

  1. Paint a wall in the classroom
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This idea is as simple as painting one wall a different salon the other tone. Three color and one of another, as I have in this previous post. Some people prefer to leave a brick wall, which gives the room a hospitable and masculine air. Others opt to paint one wall a dark color so that the cozy living room look smaller.