Different Types Of Counter Height Dining Room Sets

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The standard counter height dining room sets are very common. It is the most common types compared to the others. The reason is because the high is the one that most people find it comfortable to sit. When they sit on these counter height tables, their feet are not dangling but touching the ground. This first type is also the best one for people with disabilities. When people are on wheel chairs, then the right height for them is this one.

The second one is the counter height dining chairs and tables. This second type has an additional height to it so that they are perfect to be used for kitchen islands or the kitchen preparation area. The additional height will benefit the users as they are standing up when preparing meals. Moreover, as they are higher, they give an illusion of less space consumed so they are great for smaller areas.

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The last type of counter height dining room sets is the bar height tables. These are usually around 40 – 43 inches high. That is why the stools need to be high too with the arrangement of 28 to 30 inches high. These types of counters will be mostly used in the home bars as well as professional bar, pub, etc. The bar height table may often be mistaken with the Counter Height Tables and so do the other way around.