DIY Build A Beautiful Pergola Shade

Pergola Shade Covers

It is about pergola shade, you can improve your pergola to give aesthetic look with beautiful shade from the sunligt when it cover on the pergola. It will be explained about how to build DIY a pergola shade, that it is very easy to be done with your hands just use your free time to do it.

There are some steps that can be followed to build a pergola shade as well as follow the steps gently. First, you can make a change on the top of the wood with removing the screw on it then let the early existing wood sit on it or you can add new wood on it in parallel way. Second, consider the measurement the size of the shade with let the sun rise come over to the pergola. If it is not sufficient, you have to prepare some woods to be added on pergola. If it have sufficient just nail or screw the wood on the pergola. Third, now roll the mesh on the pergola then nailing about 10 inches for each mesh and hold it taut. To finish it, cut off the excess mesh.

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Now you will have beauty pergola shade at your deck. Just follow the steps gently to make a perfect shade. If you like this post you can share it with your friends and hopefully it can be a valuable reference.