Easy To Decor With Wicker Bedroom Furniture

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Wicker bedroom furniture is one of the popular furniture from bedroom made from wicker. Wicker is wood especially rattan that twisted together. This twist is the highlight point for wicker furniture. There are so many things that we could make from the bunch of wickers, since this kind of material is easy to be curled or shaped. You can form a lot of shapes for your bedroom decorations. The wickers are also suitable in all colors. You can change the color to bright or dark not, not only the basic brown color.

The first basic furniture in the bedroom is bed. Of course you will not use the bed itself made from wickers. But, you can try to use wicker headboards as the head bed. Usually people will go with calm colors such as white or grey if their wicker bedroom furniture was using the elegant or simple theme. There were also some cases in glamour theme or luxury bedroom theme, they were still using the white wicker headboards, since white color and wickers could go well in all themes. The second one is the desks. Who said that the desk was only made from original wood? There are many designers nowadays that using wickers as the basic material for the desk. And guess what? It works!

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Furniture that can be found in bedroom is trunks. On the old days, the popular trunk is the one that has pirates theme or just plain white trunks. But now, the wicker trunks are the one that popular among the designers. This trunk is suitable in all bedrooms’ theme. This kind of trunks is also has double benefit. The first one is as the trunks, and the second one is as decoration. It’s like a magic box. And especially, it will look really unique among wicker bedroom furniture.