Enjoy Summer Outdoor String Lighting Ideas

Outdoor String Lighting Ideas Wedding

Outdoor string lighting ideas – In the summer, string lights add a touch of brightness and style to your outdoor space. Whether you’re decorating for a party, add sparkle to your garden or preparing for a family meal, light is used to the atmosphere.  For an unexpected touch of light, use string lights to wrap frame various objects. Select items to add to the atmosphere: an old wagon wheel for a rustic wedding or garden, an antique fan for a small room or a wire-frame words or letters.

Wrap individual outdoor string lighting ideas tightly around the frame so that the object appears to be glowing. Place the lighted object among a set of plants or flower pots to throw an extra glow on the leaves and flowers, or use it as a centerpiece on a serving table.

Instead of wrapping the outdoor string lighting ideas of lights around the branches which tend to create a Christmas-like feeling, using strands of paper lantern lights. You can find light in color and in sphere or box shapes. For an elegant look, hang strings of small white paper lanterns, so the drape along the bottom edge of the branches. Colored paper lanterns are useful in determining a whimsical mood in a party room or to a luau-themed dinner party.

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