Fabulous Ways To Stain Concrete Patio

Acid Staining Concrete Patio

It will be better for you to stain concrete patio surface in your house to get new look and to protect the concrete from the damage properly. You can paint your concrete patio by yourself and then you can use colorful paint or acid stain as your preference to be stained on the surface of concrete patio.

There are some ways to stain concrete patio to follow. First, make sure to sweep the concrete with broom and use patch of concrete to fix some cracks on it. Then use a bucket to fill with 4 gallons of warm water and add with 1 cup of phosphate, now clean the concrete with the scrub by using stiff scrub brush. Second, use plastic garden sprayer to pour the stain acid on the clean concrete patio or stain it with colorful paint as your preference make sure to stain it in tidy way and wait it untill dry properly.

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Third, use vacuum cleaner to clean the dust or dirty on the surface of concrete. Fourth, after your stain concrete have dried clean it with water or baking soda to clean and neutralize the acid. Fifth, use concrete sealer and pour it into paint tray then roll it to the surface of the concrete with roller paint.

With stain concrete patio your backyard will look more colorful and it will give you comfortable atmosphere. If you like this post you can share it with your friend as well as it can be a valuable reference for you.