Fabuolus Way To Build A Stand Of Patio Table Umbrella

Patio Table And Umbrella

You can build a stand of patio table umbrella by yourself, it functions to stay the umbrella can steady in windy weather properly. Usually there are some steps to become followed to construct table umbrella with stand. Just wait and see to obtain a great patio table umbrella, so that you could enjoy your gathering moment with the family with new accessories with your patio.

Let’s follow these steps about how to build stand of patio table umbrella. First, use a tape measure to measure 2-gallon bucket. Second, use large diameter of PVC pipe and clamp it then place it in a vise with making cut off about 1 inch in a section. Third, stand the pipe inside the middle of bucket then seal it by using glue.

Fourth, make a removal easier with brushing a coat of petroleum jelly inside the bucket. Fifth, filling wet cement onto bucket and wait until it dry about 24 hours. Sixth, use utility knife to cut off the bucket then leave the pipe in place then it is recommended for you to décor the stand with your preference.

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Those are some steps to build a stand of patio table umbrella. If you like this post, you can share it with your friends and hopefully it can be a valuable reference.