Feng Shui Living Room And Colors Of Fabric Sofas

Feng Shui Living Room Apartment

Choose your color couch following the guidelines of feng shui contribute to an auspicious decoration of your living room, according to your lifestyle and your dreams. Feng shui living room is an ancient Chinese practice that provides guides approach decorate and arrange your apartment to ensure harmony with all the environment, in relationships and all aspects of your life. Despite being only a part of the experience feng shui, the color of the fabric of your sofa connects to their intentions for the house and the harmonious relationship among all who use it.

  1. Living room

In feng shui living room symbolizes the harmonious relationship between your family and your guests. It is a space for people of your life to meet and connect. It should be a room in which everyone feels comfortable, and the colors you choose for the walls, floor and sofa should be ones that everyone in the family likes. Additionally, they should support and enhance the activities for which you use the room.

  1. Location of living room
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An element of the choice of colors in feng shui for your fabric sofa is to use the location of your living room in the entire space of the house as a guide. If your living room is on the north side of the house, it is governed by the element of water and the black and blue are good color choices. The northeast and southeast directions relate to the element wood and green and blue are appropriate choices. The south is ruled by fire and red and orange are the colors of this element. Yellows, browns and reds enhance the earth element found in the southwest aspect of the house, while the north is ruled by the metal of which silver, gold and white are the dominant colors. Feng shui living room your choice on fabric for the sofa should include an appropriate color for the location of your room.

  1. Using the Color
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You now have a selection of colors to choose from. Choose a fabric that has primarily earth tones that enhance the connection aspect on the living room and use the other colors as accents in the pattern of the fabric. Alternatively, enter some of the other colors in the cushions or draped fabric cover on the couch.

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