Funny Wet Floor Signs

Wet Floor Signs With Arrows

Everyone may ever see wet floor signs in some public places such as mall, market, office, and even our home. We sometimes think easily about those signs because they seem not important for the people coming through the floor including us. Nevertheless, we may slip when there is no any sign of wet floor in place. That is why these signs are designed for warning people through the board written “WET FLOOR”. It is very common habitual for office boy to put those signs all over wet place for people safety.

Yellow is identical of wet floor signs plank which is made of plastic or even wood base design. It is for common design of signs. But, we may never think about funny wet floor signs. We actually can make it by ourselves to create fun and laughing effect. Wet signs are generally designed in a plank or board as caution when the floor is wet. We can make it little naughty with producing T-shirt written caution of wet floor. We can even upload the template for wet floor sign in naughty pose in women or girl.

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There are no boundaries for us in creating unique wet floor signs as long we can find the joy and relaxation by reading the caution. We can update status by uploading our template design within real a person slips on the floor and we can say something about that by editing it through an application. Nevertheless, we have to be still careful when we passing through wet floor.