How To Hang Outdoor String Lights?

How To Hang Outdoor String Lights Planters

How to hang outdoor string lights – In the summer, outdoor string lights add a style and touch of brightness to your space. Whether you’re decorating for a party, add sparkle to your garden or preparing for a family meal, light is used to the atmosphere. When you plan, you must choose the places of string lights will be hanging, and thinking of electrical outlets near the room.

How to hang outdoor string lights for light curtain? When you want to add light to a dark corner of an outdoor space or creating an instant divider, use a light curtain. If you do not have a vertical branch, roof edge, clothesline or other structure to serve as a top pole, make a through 2×4-inch pieces of wood nailed into a rectangular frame. Attach individual strings of lights to the top pole using a staple gun heavy; hanging strings about 2 inches apart.

How to hang outdoor string lights for light ceiling? If you are decorating a room that has a limited view of the sky, a light ceiling create the impression of twinkling stars. Hang outdoor string lights from one side of the web to the other about twelve meters from the ground. Leave 1 to 2 meters of space between each string, and arrange them so each subsequent string parallel. You can also create a ceiling by drawing light outward from a center flagpole. If you are decorating a walkway to string lights in a diagonal pattern across the walk make a dramatic entrance.

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