Hippie Home Decor For Teen’s Bedroom

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Hippie home decor is actually based on the activists called hippies, which encouraged peace and love movements of young adults and teens who their movements impact on the all elements, from fashion up to legislation. Their bohemian cultures impact and root on the San Francisco’ Haight Ashbury which show their sincere movements with peace and love. For those free and spirited teens, you can try to apply this hippie style for your bedrooms.

Hippie home decor ideas are actually not lavish and extravagant, because true hippies will not spend too much money for buying the furniture or accessories. Try to combine and fuse some vintage furniture from your grandparents’ home or garage shops which you can use, of course that you choose the furniture and accessories which still look fine. It is quite similar with eclectic style which allows you to combine any style from any period results on unique fusion.

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Hippie home decor is effective with some simple treatments like an accent wall which is painted with classic red, then apply the softer tones with denim blue to give distinct look. Then, balance the colors with softer colors like bright yellow and grass green for highlighting your bedrooms. Still, keep it minimalist and simple is the best way.