Homemade Ideas For Framing Oval Mirrors

Homemade Wooden Picture Frames

Home made picture frames – Mirrors can add some personality to almost any space, especially if you take the time to decorate it yourself. With an oval mirror, you have some different options on how to address the frame decoration. Depending on the theme you choose, you can use this work to help supplement the surrounding elements in your home made picture frames so you can enjoy the creative designs ever passes in front of him to see your reflection.

Paint the existing mirror frame a bright color, like orange or lime green, for an antique look. This type of oval mirror is ideal for any space you choose to use for a 1960 or 1970 issue. Improving the style even more by hitting small objects such as bottle caps and buttons on the top color for this is at the bottom, creating an old eclectic style.

Find different round objects to paste to an abstract oval frame for modern or contemporary theme of home made picture frames. As these types of issues have their main focus on the methods, uses the oval mirror and the frame to add contrasting ways. You can create these pieces or get them from a craft store.

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