Homemade Outdoor Decorative String Lights

Amazing Outdoor Decorative String Lights

Outdoor Decorative String Lights – To add a festive flair to any outdoor occasion is simple with homemade patio string lights. These lamps do not need to be elaborate hanging above the dining table or along a patio rail. Anyone can make an attractive string of patio lights to set the mood without sparing much cost or time.

Measure the length of the area you want to run the outdoor decorative string lights along. This measurement will tell you how many parts of the lights you need. Count the number of bulbs of each string and multiplying by the number of threads you have. This is the number of lights you will need to do. Cut wrapping paper into 41/2 inch squares. You will need one box per lantern. Make sure to cut each square as straight as possible to make lanterns look neat.

Outdoor decorative string lights place a box of wrapping paper in front of you on a flat surface. Turn the square to form a diamond. Fold the square in half diagonally from corner to corner. Wrinkle crease sharply. Cut a half inch from the top corner. This will form a hole for the bulb. Open up the diamond shape, keeping the flat corner upwards. Fold the two side corners to the center crease. New wrinkle creases sharply. Stick your finger in both side tabs and round the paper around your finger.

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