House Contemporary Japanese Architecture

Small Houses Contemporary Japanese Dwellings

Contemporary Japanese houses – This minimalist contemporary house concrete is simple, austere, straight lines, and develops a field inside a small Japanese garden naturally lit, is the heart of the house by the vital and spiritual force that infuses, rather than in the Photos can be perceived.  Japanese identity is masterfully accomplished with few elements. From the street impresses itself as a house of modern design of the early architectural Rationalism, 20s and 30s of the twentieth century.

Inside, this home is definitely Japanese, much like a contemporary Japanese houses with paper walls, but the construction is reinforced concrete and concrete finishes, modern, artificial and cold materials. Outside the house looks very simple, like a Modern Rationalism or home, but inspiration meets the characteristics of traditional Japanese house where a roof and openings defined housing. The volumes are up from the outside, look no items added a second floor and lower surface.

The interior garden located under a large skylight creates a courtyard like a cloister space. A Japanese garden is traditionally used for contemplation and meditation place. In a contemporary house this garden is most evident in the ancient contemporary Japanese houses culture.

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