How Much Is The Interior Design Salary?

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If you are planning to get a professional interior designer or you are a beginner in interior design world, you must be wondering how much does the interior design salary pays. According to the Bureaus of Labor Statistic, the salaries for interior designers are paid around $22.89 per hour. That makes them have an average yearly income of $47,600 per year. That is the minimum wage for a skilled interior designer, and expert of the interior design might get paid bigger than the minimum.

The interior design salary for designer that worked in a design firm or federal government are usually paid yearly while the self-employed designer has several ways of charging their clients. The most common way is the hourly fee that is based on the duration of their work, the second is flat fee that is usually determined by the difficulty of the project and the last one is counting the fee by the count of the project’s area.

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In order to be an interior designer and get the interior design salary, you need to take a bachelor’s degree in interior design specialty. This way you can work at a design firm or even federal government to get bigger pays or work for yourself to get a freer working schedule.