How To Build An Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Kits

For camping outdoor gas fire pit or just build a cozy campfire in your backyard, the correct position of fire is essential. It is important for the safety and health of the local environment.

External fires fueled by propane gas provide the look of a fire without the hassle of having to carry or cut wood. The fire using a propane stove and can be built in any project of decoration that uses non-flammable materials. The propane tank is usually placed in a hidden location, away from the fire, for reasons of aesthetics and security.

Concerns on outdoor gas fire pit because is the fire releases sparks and dense smoke. Sparks can climb the branches of nearby trees and burn the leaves. This is especially dangerous during periods of drought and autumn when the leaves are dead. The whole tree begins to catch fire as a result. The smoke released by fire can smother the leaves, killing them as well as the branches.

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Put the fire as far as possible the trees, the power wires and general structures. It is recommended at least 4 m to 6 m away. Try to find a clearing and always keep low and controllable fire. If you do not have an extensive lawn, consider buying an outdoor gas fire pit or a fire that burns denatured alcohol. They do not release smoke and sparks, like firewood campfires.


Build an outdoor gas fire pit

  1. Dig the soil beneath the location where you plan to put the campfire. Remove the grass and other organic material from a depth of about 10 cm and fill the area with gravel or stones the size of a pea.
  2. Place the gas stove the fire in the center area of ​​gravel and extends the hose to some nearby location in which the propane tank could be placed from sight.
  3. Make a circle around the stove using resistant blocks of stone wall, commonly used in landscaping. For a higher stove, stack two or more blocks and add more gravel to the base before placing the stove, to a level of about 15 cm below the top of the fire perimeter.
  4. Cover the area of ​​the burner with large pieces of non-flammable materials. This may include basalt rocks or crushed pieces of glass that reflects light, giving a special touch to the flames.
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