How To Decorate On An Outdoor Party Lights

Outdoor Party Lights Nz

Create one unlike any other when decorating a party or wedding reception with different lighting methods ambient light. Ask the help of a few friends willing to spend the morning of the party arranging everything for the night. Enjoy the process of transforming everyday items into stylish displays of lights. From romantic to fun details, the outdoor party lights decor will be alive when the sun goes down.


Tables, stairs and balconies

  1. Fill clear vases, each of different size, with colored glass stones that match the decor. Leave 7.5 cm space near the top. Add water until it is 2.5 cm above the stones. Pour candle wax beads until they reach the edge of the vessel. Insert three candle wicks. Group the pots together in the center of the table for an outdoor party lights elegant decoration.
  2. Place a strip of 30 cm width table in each table. Put dozens of jars of various shapes and sizes in the fabric, extending throughout the tissue. Place votive candles in ivory at the bottom of each jar, creating a variation of the classic candle dinners.
  3. Paint the interior of the glass jars with colored spray. After the paint is dry, add a layer of clear spray. Cut glass thermoplastic so that it fits inside each jar ring. Hot glue solar lights the bottom of each cover. Put them on the paths and steps the party, creating light to prevent people tripping over night.
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Hanging lights

  1. Outdoor party lights with buy several feet of string with lights. Clasp your lights with garlands of flowers. Wrap the garland around trees and porch columns, adding a romantic setting for the wedding reception, for example.
  2. Wrap white satin and lighted garlands on the two poles of 2.5 m with 10 cm by 10 cm. put these poles at one end of the grooms table. Attach twine on top of the posts. Make a generous circle of nail glue around the neck of various transparent glass bottles. Tie raffia tape tightly around them. Fill the bottles with 2/3 of granules of colored wax. Using tongs 10 cm, carefully insert with wicks in each. Tie strips each bottle around the string at different heights and intervals, creating a light on the light table.
  3. Place a battery LED in each of two dozen bladders. Inflating it with helium. Tie them with a long ribbon and attach the seats and handrails. Attach the balloons with water several wrapped with aluminum tape and spread intermittently through the reception.
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