How To Have More Space Sectional Sofas

Sectional Sofas Ashley

Sectional sofas work pretty well for people require additional seating. Unlike traditional sofas which have a single seat, the sectional have several parts that can be arranged in many ways. They can offer multiple seating with backs or one with a single arm. Use different methods to extend your couch and increase space for entertaining large groups of people.

Add an extension piece to your sofa. The piece is like a chair or a sofa sectional termination. When you take out the armrest extends, creating additional seating for two or more people. Choose a color and design that fits your sofa. Extend the sofa with armless pieces. These should correspond to the couch, and as they have no arms, fit right between the end pieces. Organized a few pieces without arms between the end pieces, and increases the number of seats. Mix and match the pieces without arms with other types of seats, like a chair or ottoman. These add more interest to the sofa, and more seats. Place some pieces that do not match between the components of sectional sofa.

Put the pieces of the sectional sofa to have armless seats in the corners. Place a side table in each corner. These serve to place drinks and other items, using the wasted space. If you need more seating for your guests, you can cover tables with pillows or cushions extras and turn them into additional chairs. Replace your coffee table ottoman low rise. Choose one with a quilted cover. When you need more seats, rearranges the sectional sofa and ottoman put between the end pieces. You can also move it to the side of the couch or leave it where it is and let your guests sit in your sectional sofas.

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