How To Install A Ceiling Fan

Installing A Ceiling Fan With Remote

Installing a ceiling fan – Ventilate and give freshness to your home is critical at this time where the heat begins to do this , is why today we will teach you step by step to easily install a ceiling fan and DIY !

Make the best choice of a ceiling fan depends on various aspects such as the size of the blades, so that they can rotate freely must allow a margin of 61 cm from the nearest wall. It is also advisable to consider the type of blades either plastic, aluminum, metal, bamboo or faux wood and a design that will match the rest of the decor. Finally, it identifies if you need a fan with or without light and remote control.

Before starting work, cut the power supply.

  1. Remove focus and rosette ceiling using a flat screwdriver to loosen the screws holding the wires to the light l8a rosette.
  2. With the help of a star screwdriver unscrew the bracket, then place it on the roof deck, this support is the part where all the weight rests fan.
  3. The wires coming from the motor is inserted through the cap and then screwed the engine and place the hook is in the holder to make cable connections.
  4. Board one of the wires coming out of ceiling wires marking the instruction as current fan, with wire nuts , they feed individually switching on the light and fan
  5. Accommodate wiring inside of the cap so that you can put it in your base, and then screw it to the base of the roof to fix it.
  6. Weapon blades with star screwdriver, tighten the screws to the nut and making sure they are well adjusted and removed the fan cover to place crosses.
  7. Finally, install the center cap in place, connecting the base of the light with the switch, position the ceiling and screw the light base with screws.
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Now that you know how to do, run to your nearest store The Home Depot and assorted with our partners to choose the fan that fits the decor and needs of your home, remember to use all the tools of security for installing a ceiling fan in a better result in the job.