How To Install Hardwood Floors

How To Install Wood Flooring Over Wood

How to install wood flooring – Installing hardwood floors requires relatively little preparation and can move quickly once begun work. We follow some simple techniques that have been used by experienced installers say here how to install hardwood flooring that will last many years.

Install a vapor barrier

Hardwood floors can be damaged much if moisture seeps through the bottom plywood subfloor. To protect against this possibility, install a vapor barrier basis. Base rates vary. For this work, the workers used a composite of two layers of Kraft paper laminated with asphalt. Extend vapor barrier so as to cover all the plywood subfloor and secure with staples.

Preparing to install hardwood floors

In making the estimate of materials to install the floor, calculate the square footage of space to cover, and add 10 to 15 percent of the total, leaving a margin for waste resulting from damage to tables cut or are defective.

Wood floors expand and contract, sometimes even with temperature changes. It is important to table’s room temperature before installing. If the wood is too hot to be installed, this will shrink and leave unsightly spaces between each piece. If the room is too cold during installation, the tables can be abofar and warp to raise the room temperature.

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In new construction, how to install wood flooring should be installed only after the air conditioning systems and heating of the home have been fully activated, and the internal temperature is normalized. It is best to download the tables in the room, and leave them to fit at room temperature for at least 48 hours before installation.