How To Make Comfortable Design In Striped Curtains

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Popular idea on home décor, striped curtains is great and available widely on the market at recent days, but what make it popular is they are simple and will flexible for the any décor type and more over it serve you privacy as well as the look. But if you wanting some specific suggestion or few advices for stripped curtains idea, here we have it.

Color and fabric for the stripped curtain

Room mood are the first consider on your turn for the stripped curtain, if wanting some neutral feeling your area white background for the stripped curtain is recommended but the wall painting must also fit for the color option you have and with few darker shade will blending the whole décor. And the bold color will increase the look on it or blue and ping is playful on theme.

Choosing fabric of the curtain was only the same with clothing, you wanting longer and great fabric you have to deal with expensive fabric for the striped curtains. For the formal area or office, heavy silk and velvet fabric is better because they are good insulator. Catton sateen and silky rayon are washable and billow linen for the casual feeling for the stripped curtain style.

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