How To Make Pole Outdoor Pendant Lighting With Wood

Outdoor Pendant Lighting Bronze

A piece of wood 10 x 10 cm is ideal for a post-resistant outdoor pendant lighting that is relatively easy to build. The most challenging tasks are to hide the wire and attach the lamp on the pole. However, these tasks can be completed in a way that the pole becomes an element that will contribute to the decoration of the outdoor environment.


  1. Use a hand saw with a guide outdoor pendant lighting for making a groove in the middle of one side of the wood piece 10 x 10 cm deep enough to hide the cable 2 mm depth nonmetallic coating. This slot can also be cut with imported data type blade on saw bench blades. Leave 75 cm uncut at one end part 10 x 10 cm.
  2. Immerse the end uncut piece of wood into a bucket containing wood preservative eel let absorb the product timber overnight. The next morning, remove the post and put it on sawhorses until it dries completely.
  3. Dig a whole 90 cm deep for the post. Place the uncut end in the hole.
  4. Mix one load a wheelbarrow of concrete using a bag of ready mix and water. Pour the concrete into the hole, taking care not to cover the groove that was made. Use a level to straighten the pole outdoor pendant lighting upright.
  5. Make a hole big enough on top of the piece of wood to accommodate the cable of 2 mm. make a second hole starting from the slot at an angle of 45 degrees to connect with the first.
  6. A rigid push the top of the post through the two holes. Using duct tape, attach the cable end in the first 2 mm cable and pull it through the holes. Leave 60 cm cable protruding from the top of the pole.
  7. Push the cable into the slot that runs down the pole and cover nailing a piece of clapboard or finish on it.
  8. Use a nipple and a flange to connect the lamp to the post. The sizes of the nipple and the flange will depend on the design of the lamp.
  9. Connect the black wire from the black wire on the lamp. Connect the white wires to each other and do the same with the bare copper wires. Use a terminal connection to make calls.
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10. Paint, varnish or wood for outdoor pendant lighting liquefied to leave it waterproof.