How To Restore A Hoosier Outdoor Storage Cabinet

Outdoor Storage Cabinet With Drawers

Outdoor storage cabinet – Hoosier kitchen cabinets, cabinets also known as bakers and kitchen queens were freestanding furniture containing an area for preparing food, usually a porcelain countertop, and a built-sift flour and sugar container system drawers for utensils, a box for bread, spice racks and areas for storing food. This innovative kitchen cupboard all in one was a must for all housewives in the early twentieth century, with the hope of reducing the number of cabinet steps that opened in the kitchen area. These cabinets were produced mainly in the state of Indiana. Hoosier was the best known manufacturer and today his name is synonymous with all enclosures of this type.


  1. Check the on outdoor storage cabinet. See if there rusted parts or missing parts; checks for paint that fell from the structure, veneers that are loose or scratches. Check if you have moldy smell or other unpleasant odor.
  2. Use a soft cloth and a solution of one part water and one part bleach to clean the inside of the cabinet. Place a blotting sheet in the closet and drawers to neutralize residual odors. Clean the outside of the cabinet with a cleanser based vegetable oil such as Murphy Oil Soap with water. Clean porcelain countertop with mild detergent and water.
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3.If veneer peeling off and sticking out of the closet in some areas is re-attaching it with wood glue and then place a heavy item on top to press it on the furniture or put a bit of tape to make it to level the outdoor storage cabinet.

  1. If the coat closet is damaged beyond if you need a simple touch-up or cleaning, you should remove it completely. If the Hoosier cabinet is covered with paint that is clear, you can scrape it with a razor blade, single-edged, with retractable stand. Another option for stripping the cabinet is to use an etchant that can be purchased at hardware stores; note that in this case you will work with a chemical, so be sure to take the necessary precautions and follow to the letter the instructions on the product packaging.

5. Once you’ve removed the old paint on outdoor storage cabinet, clean the closet full to ensure that all traces of flux compound have disappeared. Before applying the new finish, let the furniture dry completely. You may want to check a reference book as “Hoosier Cabinets” by Phillip Kennedy to see what kind of original completion was your wardrobe.

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