Ideas For Kids Outdoor Games

Children’s Outdoor Garden Games

Kids outdoor games – Kids really do not need many expensive toys to have fun. Some simple rules and a little imagination are all that you need to keep them busy and playing outdoors without buying supplements or equipment. In addition to releasing home and give parents time to relax, play outside is a great way to keep your kids active and healthy.

  1. Hide and seek

Hide and Seek works well for kids outdoor games environment. A child is the “catcher” and must close your eyes and count to 100 the other children then find places to hide. When the first child has finished counting, she should yell “Ready or not, here I come!” to the other kid know that the game began. The first person to be caught should be the “catcher” in the next round. Kids who can get on base, which is where the counting took place, are saved.

  1. Catch-up

Catch-up is a classic kids outdoor games that most people played at some point in life. The rules of the game are simple. A child is the “catcher” and must chase the others until you get them. Whoever is caught becomes the new “sucker” and the game continues. You can leave the most complicated joke adding a secure base where kid cannot be caught and prohibiting the “take back”, which is to get the person who just caught him.

  1. Sticks and stones
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If you have a large group of kid and need an activity, try playing “Sticks and stones”. Appoint a team “bats” and the other “rocks”. Align the two teams so that they are only a few meters apart, facing each other. Choose a “safe line” for each team, which should be about 10 yards behind them. You can then yell “sticks!” or “stones” to start the game. The team heard his name should run to the safe line without getting caught. Those who are caught or leaving the game or change the field.

  1. Red light, green light

Another for kids outdoor games, “Red light, green light” is relatively easy to arrange and can be played with groups of any size. Choose a child to be the “catcher”. The rest of the kids should start a group on the opposite side of the yard or field. A good distance is between 6 and 12 meters. The person who is the catcher turns his back to the group and yells “green light.” When this occurs, the group must run toward the catcher.

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