Ideas For Painting Stairs

Stairs Painted And Stained

Painted stairs – The staircase is often a neglected area of ​​the home, but is important for several reasons. For many of us, our staircase is located at the entrance, so it is one of the first things people see when they enter the house. We also use the ladder repeated times every day, so why not make it look attractive?

A bold look for the wall

If your staircase has a wall facing the living area and the rail to the other side, use the wall to make a statement. Go for a bright and bold shade like red tomato or lime green wall and then neutral tones for staircase and railing. Many homeowners choose stair walls to display art pieces, so choose a painted stairs color that complements that style.

Neutral tones                                                   

If you want to combine your stairway and look like a part of the room and not a separate area or choose pale neutral colors that blend with the rest to create a cohesive and open space. A particularly elegant style is the wooden stairs walls, balustrades and white steps, with a side treads and handrails in darker shades of painted stairs.

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