Install Rab Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Wonderful Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Commercial outdoor lighting – First, turn off the power. Second, screw steel mounting plate to the desired location within the electrical box with the two mounting screws provided. Third, rab spotlights generally have two illumination arms mounted on each side of the light mounting plate. Screw thread arms of each light arm into the holes in the light mounting plate. Let locking nuts and bolts loose until it is ready to aim lights in the desired direction.

Screw the threaded sleeve of illumination sensor into the whole rab commercial outdoor lighting in the light mounting plate with loose. Fifth, remove the power cords for light and light sensor out of the junction box to the light cords. Sixth, Attach the green ground wire to the box ground screw by manually twist the wire, then wrap black electrical tape around the screw. Strip an inch of wire coverings, the two white lines of light, as well as from a white line from the sensor. Do the same for the two red wines from the light, and one red wire from the sensor. Then strip a white and a red wire from the power source in the same way.

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Eight, disconnect power source with the lighting and light sensor. Take two white light conduits, a white sensor wire and twist all wires together manually in a clockwise direction with a white power wire. Do the same for the two red light cables, a red sensor wire and a red power wire. Ninth, align the gasket around the junction box, and then attach the junction box to the light mounting plate. Last, replace light bulbs by hand, then adjust the position of the lights and sensors. Attach lock nuts. The rab commercial outdoor lighting was done.