Installation Motion Detector Flood Lights Outdoor

Awesome Flood Lights Outdoor

Flood lights outdoor – Motion detector flood lights can be a good solution for home security while lowering your home electricity consumption levels. By using a motion detector only to turn the light on when someone passes nearby, the lights use far less power than light left on all the time. Also by coming on when someone passes, the lights increased security by lighting doors and other areas. Installing a motion sensor flood lights is not difficult.

Removing the existing flood lights outdoor Fixture. Be sure the power is off before working on electrical installations. Remove your existing light or porch light. The exact procedure will vary depending on the type of light. Generally, however, you must first remove all glass globes or protect bulb. Remove the bulb, and then remove the metal collar which covers the electrical connections. When you can see the connection, remove the wire nuts by turning them off and remove luminaries.

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Installation of the new flood lights outdoor series. To install the new stand, plug wires from the fixture to your household wires using wire nuts. Fasten fixture in the junction box using the screws that came with stand and install metal shield which keeps the water from reaching wires. Install flood lamps. Energy-efficient compact fluorescent flood lights are available at most home supply stores. Set the timeout to light according to the manufacturer’s instructions and turn the lights on. You may need to wait for dark to test fixture as many fixtures also have a light detector to prevent light from coming on during the day. See the documentation that came with your tripod for test procedures.