Installing Deck Stair Railing Ideas

Install Deck Stair Railing

When you have a high platform on your deck, it is important for you to install a deck stair railing to help you  walk to the platform and to make more safety it will be better to add hand rail. You can install the railing stair and hand rail with following some fabulous ideas here.

Let’s begin to install a deck stair railing with making secure the two post of the stair’s stringer and make portion for treads of the staircase, then put one post at the bottom and one on top of the staircase. Make sure the posts are great perpendicular to the ground and use two hex bolts to secure the post vertically with giving space about 2 inches for apart.

On the top of two posts, saw them at 45 degree downward. Between the two post make distance by determining the length to cut the three railings then saw them by following your measurement before. Now install the cap of centered of the 2-by-4 railing on the top of the posts then nail it by using 4-inches nails.

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Use second railing to be placed below the outer sides of the cap then use clamps to secure it and do not forget to nail the railing to the post. From the railing cap measure about six inches and mark it uses pencil. To finish, you have to attach the third railing on the marked by using the clamps then nail on the end of the posts with two nails.

After you finish installing the deck stair railing, it is recommended for you to paint it use paint for wood to look colorful. If you like this post you can share it with your friends and hopefully it can be a good reference for you.