Instructions For Making Christmas Outdoor Decorations With Lights

Christmas Outdoor Decorations Australia

Christmas outdoor decorations with lights are a fun tradition and a great way to celebrate the holidays in your neighborhood. Build and use Christmas lights for home lighting outdoors is a challenge but additionally a wonderful way to save money and involve the whole family in the Christmas tradition. Your lights can be quite personal and tailored to their specific traditions when they are homemade. You only need a few simple materials and a little inspiration to get started.


  1. Light strands

If you want to make your own Christmas outdoor decorations with lights from scratch, use LED lights as a starting point. These lights are diodes that produce a certain color when subjected with an electric current. You can buy sets of LEDs in various colors and different intensities, which makes it easy to customize your Christmas decorations. The LEDs may be connected to a controller circuit and a power source to operate as a group. For this project, you’ll need a circuit and a resistor to each wire of light that create, protected with a wire to connect the lights. This requires some previous experience with electrical wiring. For step by step instructions, consult a manual or electrician training.

  1. Bright balls
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View common household items with simple strands of lights for a clear and beautiful display. A standard sequence of white light lamps can be made ​​into a decorative Christmas bulbs in a fitting cover clear plastic cup. Staple a row of six or more cups together side by side to form a circle. Insert the lights in the center and staple another layer of glasses to the first circle, uniting opening and clipping the edge to the cups to connect and form a closed space illuminated by the lights. Use Christmas outdoor decorations like a lawn ornament or garland.

  1. Frames of Christmas lights

Buy single light wire to create your own outdoor exhibitions. Rope lights, for example, are not specifically made ​​for Christmas and can be found in retail stores for lower prices than many specific aspects of special days. Create images and holiday forms of plywood stars simple to more complicated snowmen, reindeer or Santa Claus figures and then go around them with the rope lights to create a homemade Christmas outdoor decorations project of low cost, or buy LED lights to make paper lanterns for an easy family project. Just put the lights inside paper bags with designs cut into them.

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