Interior Design: How To Decorate A Room At Zen Style

Zen Living Room Pictures

Zen living room – Achieve inner peace is available to everyone as the zen style bringing back hard fashion western countries more exotic and unique decor. The Zen living room style feeds on Eastern philosophy based mainly on natural and minimally altered by the nature elements. Has its translation in the home using the aesthetic balance and releasing spaces excessively overloaded and not leave the vital energy flow.

Provision of space

When the layout of the room is raised, try to have a balance between all its components. The aim is, first, that it is aesthetically pleasing and, second, that excessive ornamentation and unnecessary furniture that reduce mobility or collapse the center of the room is avoided. Using these precepts as a guide, a management following the Zen style would be the placement of the bed with its corresponding header in the opposite of the input paths bedside wall. A handy rule you can follow is to place pairs of objects. An example would be that if lamps are placed on the bedside tables both have yours.

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Suitable materials and tones

In Eastern culture, the importance lies with the whole. Therefore zen materials to be used should preferably be smooth finish wood. In case you have low light, to bring more clarity to the room, the tone is perfectly fulfill the function. Similarly, the walls can be painted in light shades like cream or gray, although not strictly necessary because in very large spaces can resort to a warm contrast more intense shade in the corresponding wall headboard bed, but always respecting the clarity in the color of the walls .

The sublime decoration on small details                 

The glass elements are highly valued within the Zen living room style, can put a vase of this material on the dresser. Sources and zen gardens are preferably placed in a remote area of ​​the room, either a corner or a projection, depending on the design of the room. In a style that focuses on minimalism and reduction to essentials, the walls are usually bare of decoration. While it is true that you can place pictures, they have to go in line with the theme of the room and must be arranged in a symmetrical manner.

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