Ivory Curtains: The Silk Looking West Elms’ Curtains

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We will have more than enough things to say about curtain’s colors. Colors are various to begin with, so you will be able to freely choose what you like the most. Ivory for example is yellowish-white color and it might look calm and plain to you. However, it is not impossible to look for the one with silk look, although it is not made from silk. For this reason, West Elm’s ivory curtains can be what you are looking for.

Luxe Curtain-Ivory

At West Elm, there is one design of yellowish-white curtains that has silk look which is called Luxe Curtain-Ivory. Well, it does not necessarily to be made out of silk. Actually, it is made by rayon, nylon, and polyester. You see, there is no silk material used to make it. Then, how this kind of ivory curtains can get silk look? Rayon is the answer. Practically, rayon is smooth, thus it makes this curtain look smooth as well.

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However, the smoothness can be found not only by seeing it, but also by touching it. Although it is said to look like silk, it is not heavy. It is lightweight and almost transparent due to the use of polyester. Regardless of that, this type of ivory curtains is pretty strong due to that polyester and the use of nylon. What do you think now? Even curtains in ivory color can even look this rich, right?

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