Keys To Integrate Modern And Antique Furniture

Vintage Modern Furniture Los Angeles

Antique modern furniture – If you discover your passion for old, vintage or old furniture, you know that the first thing you have (even beyond money) is patience. Acquiring these pieces is not like going to a local specialist and a dining set and Order: It will take time to be finding each object. Supporters, however, are far from seeing this as a nuisance. Quite the opposite: go worship dealers, and auction markets looking for that unique antique modern furniture item that will make your environment.

* There is antique furniture you might find new uses. For example, too – large kitchens for current – size libraries can become.

* One way to achieve equilibrium in a living room in which ancient and modern furniture is link by color or combine with geometric design rugs.

* Although the wood used in the different periods are different, there is no problem with them together in the same room. A mixture of oak, mahogany and walnut varied styles and periods can be harmonized perfectly.

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How to care for antique furniture?

For cleaning and maintenance of antique furniture there is nothing better than natural products. Without going any further: the wax. Cleaners with silicone leave surely our gleaming woods, but the only problem is that very little, can go deteriorating coat luster. Therefore, before a piece with a gloss quality, you’d better just pass a dry cloth. If, however, we speak of antique modern furniture, open pore, agree to use colorless wax